The Jones Family ~ Family Photography

Loved spending time with this bunch Liam, Jack, Matilda, Matthew, & Max. Oh and Elaine and Jason! They drove all the way from Houston to come for photos and went back the same day. We “explored” all around and I listened to stories about the legend of zelda and heard about what their favorite books are. And we discovered that the lilly pads in our pond do not hold 7 year old little boys! Thank goodness I didn’t see this happen, I would have flipped out. I take turns taking each kid off to do their individuals, so after Liam’s (the 7 year old) individuals I brought him back to meet his mom and dad and took Jack with me. Well why doing Jack’s photos, Liam decides to test out the lilly pads himself because he couldn’t find a stick. Thank goodness the pond is shallow, his mom said “oh it’s okay if it wasn’t he knows how to swim”. She was happy he had already done his individual photos so he was done. I was warned that we may not get many group photos because Matthew would not want to sit still. She said he will probably try to go give you  hugs instead, and that’s exactly what he did!

This was them in the fall of 2010, I was happy I got to meet the new addition! Can’t wait to see the next year and a half 😉




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