Seth ~ Kinder High Senior

So Seth’s dad called me to book ┬áhis session. He said “I know I waited late to call, but Seth does not want to take photos, he only wants a few with his ball jerseys”. I said that’s fine, I can get a few for him, it won’t take us long. Well he showed up with a few shirts and said we don’t have to do all of them, what ever you think. So I told him we would do a few in each, well I think someone actually enjoyed his senior session. By the end he was coming up with ideas on his own and spotting locations he wanted to use. I photographed his sister for her senior session a few years ago, and I do believe he will have about as many photos to try to weed through. We got everything from super serious, to the smirk, to laughing, to him sticking his tongue out at me!

2 Responses to “Seth ~ Kinder High Senior”

  1. Martha Langley says:

    Oh my God Kim!!! I just want you to know that you have a God given talent. In these pictures, I see the Seth that I know and love. Thank you so much for creating these wonderful memories.

  2. Shannon says:

    I just love these pics of Seth, you really captured who he is. Good Job Kim!

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